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Why Meditation?

The amount of studies that highlight the benefits of meditation and mindfulness increase on a yearly basis.  These benefits range from a greater cognitive performance and emotional intelligence to multiple physical and mental health benefits that come along with  a regular mindfulness and meditation practice. Learn more about the scientific benefits HERE.



My dream is to bring more peace, calm & balance into this world, be it in individual settings, communities or corporate environments. Our outer circumstances are simply a reflection of our own inner state. That means that the revolution starts with every single one of us. When was the last time you  took care of your mind, body and soul? Find out about the various ways I can support you on that journey HERE.

About Alex

I have been working in the corporate world for more than 10 years, most of the time in various leadership positions. Yoga, mindfulness and meditation have been a steady and important anchor  for me throughout the years.  These tools helped me to stay focused, centered and balanced in the most stressful situations and environments. Find out more about my own journey HERE.


There are so many different ways of meditating, of finding that inner stillness & peace that resides in all of us.  I am happy to offer a wide range of services that make meditation practical & accessible for everyone. From regular classes to individual coaching opportunities, community events or corporate workshops. Find out more about my various offerings HERE.


“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”




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