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I am happy to share the many different meditation tools & techniques that I learned and practiced all over the world. There are many different ways that can help you stay calm, centered and focused, its all about finding the  one path that speaks to YOU. Please find an overview of the various services I offer below. The currently planned  events are available HERE. Get in touch if you would like to learn more about additional customized offerings. 



Workshops & Trainings

My goal is to make the various meditation tools & practices accessible for individuals, groups and organizational environments. I regularly share information on mindfulness, meditation and mental training adapted to the various audiences. Depending on the specific setting and objective, I  offer targeted keynotes as well as customized workshops & trainings. 

If you are interested in mindfulness, emotional intelligence and resilience for organizations, check out our offerings at the Swiss Mindfulness Institute as well:

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Ritual & Ceremony

Rituals and ceremonies are powerful tools for connection and as such, allow for deep transformation &  healing. Celebrating the big transitions in our lives in a conscious way in community allows us to connect with ourselves on a deep level and create the live and outcomes we truly desire.


 I am happy to offer safe spaces for new beginnings, celebrations or conscious endings and include a wide range of tools according to the circumstances and preferences. From various forms of meditation to speaking, sharing circles, chanting and dancing to sound healing. All the tools that I use include some form of guidance to help you connect with yourself and with each other on a deeper level. By being aware of your body & mind, the practices open our unconscious up for new ways of thinking, giving us a chance to find alternative solutions and create positive life changes. 

A guided meditation combined with a crystal alchemy sound bath is one of the most relaxing & restorative things you can do. The vibrations of sound work on a cellular level to balance and recalibrate your mind, body & soul. These frequencies support a subtle shift into the lower meditative brain waves, which promote deep relaxation & regeneration. 

Another beautiful way of meditating with sound is by chanting mantras. Mantras are words, phrases or sounds that take us deeper into a meditative state and are usually combined with a specific meaning or intention. Adding different physical postures and breathing techniques to the sound amplifies the power of the practice and supports the desired outcome.

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Coaching & Meditation

Unpleasant, heavy or the so-called "negative" thoughts and emotions are there for a reason. They can show us where to go deeper to be able to become a stronger version of ourselves. Instead of denying or neglecting these experiences, it is necessary to face them and look at their origins. Where are they coming from? What are they trying to teach me? What patterns are connected to them and how can I liberate myself from them?

  Limiting beliefs are strongly connected to our emotions. We learn so much about ourselves in our childhood. About our strengths & abilities, about our weaknesses and also  the world around us. We learn what the truth of our reality is in this world. As most of our adult lives are run on autopilot and by our subconscious, we simply continue to repeat the beliefs and patterns that often stem from a very young age. By learning how to sit with and manage your thoughts & emotions, you learn how to dissolve the patterns that are still triggering and limiting you today. 

Through meditation, we strengthen our self-awareness to not only be aware of thoughts & emotions as they arise, but also to react to them in a way that is beneficial for us and our environment. There is a deep wisdom that resides in all of us. Once we learn how to understand our thoughts & emotions and channel them properly, we become masters of our lives. 


 Are you ready to dive deeper into your subconscious and dissolve repetitive patterns & fears to become a more authentic version of yourself? As you engage with yourself on such a profound level, it is possible that some bigger questions arise. Maybe you are eager to find a deeper meaning behind your existence and connect with your life's purpose. I am happy to offer a wide range of meditation and coaching tools that range from leadership & mental trainings to hypnotherapy & shamanism to support you with all of these questions.


Even though one session can be enough for a specific topic or pattern to be resolved, it is often beneficial to do multiple sessions. That is why I offer not only single sessions at a specific price point, but also attractive flat-rate packages for multiple sessions. 

Get in touch to learn more about the various ways we can work together. 

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